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Veteran naturist, secret skinny dipper or just curious about getting your kit off? Join in one of our events

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Since Victorian times, the British have had a love/hate relationship with nudity

My name is Chris and just before the pandemic, I discovered that I’m not the only person in the world who thinks being naked isn’t (and shouldn’t be) shameful or embarrassing.

Having discovered the idea of social nudity on facebook, I wanted to meet other naturists who live near(ish) to me. That was when I discovered that there were no naturist events in my area, so I decided to organise one.

Goltho Gardens near Wragby was the first venue I approached asking if they’d admit a group of naturist. To my surprise the owner, Debbie, said yes!

I posted invites on facebook and the forerunner of nakedlincolnshire was born when 5 people spent a Sunday morning wandering around a Lincolnshire garden without a stitch on.

Since then, we’ve held visits to a few gardens, a maize maze and new for 2022 is a visit to a Wildlife Park, complete with lions and tigers.

If you’ve a wish to join in, find an event on our events page and come along. If you’ve got questions, checkout our FAQ page, or send me a message at

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